Friday, 11 January 2013

Life was going well

I’m not one to “tempt providence” as my old gran used to say so I really didn’t think too much of the fact that I’ve been posting on here fairly consistently but …

Providence was obviously tempted and threw a spanner in the works as I spent most of yesterday supporting a friend who had to go hospital unexpectedly and for some inexplicable reason this triggered flashbacks for me so that I ended up in a bit of a mental mess myself.

Having, however, decided that openness is the only sensible policy and that I firmly support the Time to Change campaign I have written off yesterday as a minor disaster, today as a recovery day and I'll redouble efforts next week to keep you all up to date with the journals and other interesting stuff going on the world of careers and work.


And I have got a Friday miscellany nearly finished so I will get that done for this afternoon.

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