Monday, 26 March 2012

Understanding Critical Distance Learning Issue: Toward a comprehensive model predicting student satisfaction

an article by Stephen K. Callaway (University of Toledo, USA) and Saad M. Alflayyeh (University of Toledo, USA) published in Information Resources Management Journal Volume 24 Issue 4 (2011)


Distance education has been the topic of a substantial amount of research. However, prior studies have shown mixed results when trying to determine if a difference exists in student satisfaction between students in distance courses versus traditional courses. Prior empirical studies have been too narrow in scope, and a more comprehensive model is needed to better explain the factors influencing student satisfaction.

Therefore, the current study includes student demographic factors, comprehensive measures of student motivation, and course format, as well as specific course features included, to fully explain student satisfaction. Structural equation modeling is used to test the model. Results indicate a positive association between demographics and motivation, between motivation and course format, between one demographic factor and course format, between course format and preferred features, between course format and satisfaction, and between course features and satisfaction.

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