Thursday, 8 June 2017

Domestic robots: Has their time finally come?

an article by Robert Bogue , (Independent Consultant, Okehampton, UK) published in Industrial Robot: An International Journal Volume 44 Issue 2 (2017)


This paper aims to provide details of commercially available domestic robots and recent product developments and consider whether a significant boost in the robot population is imminent.

Following a short introduction, this paper first provides a brief overview of existing domestic robots and identifies recent product trends. It then discusses some newer product developments which extend the capabilities of domestic robots. This is followed by a consideration of the many recently launched companion robots, and the paper concludes with a discussion of the likely impact on the domestic robot market.

This paper shows that domestic robots have benefited from developments in artificial intelligence, sensor technology and connectivity, which have led to greater versatility and enhanced ease of use. Several new product developments are extending the range of functions conducted by domestic robots. Many small, mobile companion/social robots have recently been developed which interact with humans by speech and vision and conduct functions such as entertainment, the control of household appliances and security.

This paper provides an insight into the wide range of domestic robots which are available or under development and considers their commercial prospects.

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