Thursday, 28 July 2016

Online counselling in secondary schools: would students seek help by this medium?

an article by K.J. Glasheen, I Shochet and M.A. Campbell (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia) published in British Journal of Guidance and Counselling Volume 44 Number 1 (January 2016)


Students in secondary schools experience problems that can impact on their well-being and educational outcomes. Although face-to-face counselling is available in most Australian secondary schools, many students, particularly boys, do not seek appropriate help. Research suggests that online counselling can be effective and increase engagement.

This study of 215 secondary school students sought to assess students’ intention to use online counselling if it was made available in schools. The results found no gender difference in the likely intentions to seek online help though year level was significant and students experiencing psychological distress had a preference for online counselling. If students did use online counselling it was more likely they would discuss sensitive topics rather than for career issues.

Implications for school counselling are discussed.

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