Thursday, 14 July 2016

Decision-making skills – a key to driving change when agility is everything

an article by Linda Shave (researcher, consultant and auditor) published in Bulletin (of the Information and Records Management Society) Number 189 (January 2016)

Ms Shave takes readers through the six steps of decision-making skills.

There is no online copy of this article for me to crib so if you want further information, or to get Ms Shave's help in sorting out your, or your organisation's, decision-making skills she can be contacted at

Step 1: Understanding what decision-making skills are

Step 2: Knowing how decision-making skills are useful

Step 3: Grasping the foundation of a good decision

Step 4: Knowing how to use decision-making tools
  • informal discussion
  • brainstorming
  • elimination
  • prioritising
Step 5: Putting your decision to work

Step 6: Gathering information

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