Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Forget teambuilding – data analysis will get you better results

 an article by Hilary Briggs (Chairman at Central London Group for the Academy of Chief Executives) published in Industrial and Commercial Training Volume 43 Issue 3


The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how delving into the data that measures business performance generates a detailed understanding of the issues that provides a platform for improved business results and teamwork in parallel.
An initial event, focused on improving client satisfaction, highlighted issues that were limiting it, such as processes, which were not able to deliver in line with expectations, and different departmental priorities. A detailed review of key business processes was undertaken department by department. Two areas were used as a pilot to test the approach – which involved initial interviews with key staff, data collection and analysis, followed by feedback and brainstorming with staff to develop and prioritise actions.
The key outcomes of the project were that using the data to generate a more detailed understanding of problems within the business processes led to increased staff engagement, increased focus on improving performance and specific cost savings, as well as identifying further potential savings.
The case study shows how staff can be involved with developing solutions to performance issues such as poor process reliability, thereby increasing their engagement, making a positive contribution to client satisfaction and reducing costs. It would be of particular benefit to HR directors and managers seeking ideas on how to increase the engagement and team performance of their people.

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