Monday, 19 January 2015

Fun and friends: The impact of workplace fun and constituent attachment on turnover in a hospitality context

an article by Michael J Tews (Pennsylvania State University), John W Michel (Loyola University Maryland) and David G Allen (University of Memphis) published in Human Relations Volume 67 Number 8 (August 2014)


Extending the growing body of research on fun in the workplace, this article reports on a study examining the relationship between fun and employee turnover. Specifically, this research focused on the influence of three forms of fun on turnover – fun activities, coworker socializing and manager support for fun.

With a sample of 296 servers from 20 units of a national restaurant chain in the US, coworker socialising and manager support for fun were demonstrated to be significantly related to turnover. In addition, constituent attachment was found to mediate the relationship between each of the three forms of fun and turnover.

This research highlights that not all types of fun are equal and demonstrates that one of the key means through which fun influences retention is by facilitating the development of high quality work relationships.

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